What it is?

“Thermo-log“ is an improved laminated log. There are air-gaps ensuring a better insulation value.

“Thermo-log“ is a patented product.

Only wood and air

“Thermo-log“ is heat-efficient, breathable and made of natural materials.

“Thermo-log” is the result of long-time development. It combines the sturdy appearance of a traditional log home and modern & innovative wooden structure.

Nordic timber

Raw material for "Thermo-log" comes from well managed, sustainable forests in Northern Finland (right from Arctic cycle area).

Finnish wood has exceptionally high density so making "Thermo-log" houses durable and long-lasting. It features particularly small knots and very tight structure.

The logs can be made of both spruce or pine wood (depending on the customer's choice).

Produced by "Hundegger" CNC machinery

 "Thermo-log" is produced by German "Hundegger" CNC machinery.