THERMO-LOG - a log of the future

Dreamhouse UAB is pleased to present "Thermo-log" that provides a better insulation value!

Only wood and air

“Thermo-log“ is heat-efficient, breathable and made of natural materials.

Thermo-log II - already released!

Now there are even more air gaps.

U value - improved 29,0%

We have put a lot of effort in designing and developing "Thermo-log". And we succeeded!

Same look, different inside

"Thermo-log" buildings look like regular log buildings - core material is not visible anywhere

Lighter building material

“Thermo-logs” are lighter which leads to:

  • transport savings up to 20,0%
  • quicker & easier assembling


 Our product THERMO-LOG has been awarded with INNOVATION 2017 prize.

Thermo-log II - already released!

12 2015 Dreamhouse UAB introduced Thermo-log II. Now there are even more air gaps ensuring a better insulation value!